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50-84-204050-84-2040CONN RECEPTACLE 4POS .084
50-84-206050-84-2060CONN RECEPTACLE 6POS .084
50-84-209050-84-2090CONN RECEPTACLE 9POS .084
50-84-212050-84-2120CONN RECEPTACLE 12POS .084
50-84-215050-84-2150CONN RECEPTACLE 15POS .084
501189-2010501189-2010CONN RECEPT 1MM DUAL 20POS
501189-3010501189-3010CONN RECEPT 1MM DUAL 30POS
501189-4010501189-4010CONN RECEPT 1MM DUAL 40POS
501189-5010501189-5010CONN RECEPT 1MM DUAL 50POS
501330-0200501330-0200CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 2POS
501330-0300501330-0300CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 3POS
501330-0400501330-0400CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 4POS
501330-0500501330-0500CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 5POS
501330-0600501330-0600CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 6POS
501330-0700501330-0700CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 7POS
501330-0800501330-0800CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 8POS
501330-0900501330-0900CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 9POS
501330-1000501330-1000CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 10POS
501330-1100501330-1100CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 11POS
501330-1200501330-1200CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 12POS
501330-1300501330-1300CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 13POS
501330-1400501330-1400CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 14POS
501330-1500501330-1500CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 15POS
501646-1000501646-1000CONN RECEPT 10POS 2MM
501646-1200501646-1200CONN RECEPT 12POS 2MM
51004-020051004-0200CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 2POS SGL
51004-030051004-0300CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 3POS SGL
51004-040051004-0400CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 4POS SGL
51004-050051004-0500CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 5POS SGL
51004-060051004-0600CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 6POS SGL
51004-070051004-0700CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 7POS SGL
51004-080051004-0800CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 8POS SGL
51004-090051004-0900CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 9POS SGL
51004-100051004-1000CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 10POS SGL
51004-110051004-1100CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 11POS SGL
51004-120051004-1200CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 12POS SGL
51004-130051004-1300CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 13POS SGL
51004-140051004-1400CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 14POS SGL
51004-150051004-1500CONN RCPT HOUSING 2MM 15POS SGL
51005-020051005-0200CONN RCPT 2POS 2MM WIRE TO WIRE
51005-030051005-0300CONN RCPT 3POS 2MM WIRE TO WIRE
51005-040051005-0400CONN RCPT 4POS 2MM WIRE TO WIRE
51005-050051005-0500CONN RCPT 5POS 2MM WIRE TO WIRE
51005-060051005-0600CONN RECEPT 6POS 2MM WIRE/WIRE
51005-070051005-0700CONN RECEPT 7POS 2MM WIRE/WIRE
51005-080051005-0800CONN RECEPT 8POS 2MM WIRE/WIRE
51005-090051005-0900CONN RECEPT 9POS 2MM WIRE/WIRE
51005-100051005-1000CONN RECEPT 10POS 2MM WIRE/WIRE
51006-020051006-0200CONN PLUG 2POS 2MM WIRE TO WIRE
51015-030051015-0300CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 3POS 2MM
51015-040051015-0400CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 4POS 2MM
51015-050051015-0500CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 5POS 2MM
51015-060051015-0600CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 6POS 2MM
51015-070051015-0700CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 7POS 2MM
51015-080051015-0800CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 8POS 2MM
51015-090051015-0900CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 9POS 2MM
51015-100051015-1000CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 10POS 2MM
51015-110051015-1100CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 11POS 2MM
51015-120051015-1200CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 12POS 2MM
51015-130051015-1300CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 13POS 2MM
51015-140051015-1400CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 14POS 2MM
51015-150051015-1500CONN HOUSING BOARD-IN 15POS 2MM
51021-020051021-0200CONN HOUSING 2POS 1.25MM
51021-030051021-0300CONN HOUSING 3POS 1.25MM
51021-040051021-0400CONN HOUSING 4POS 1.25MM
51021-050051021-0500CONN HOUSING 5POS 1.25MM
51021-060051021-0600CONN HOUSING 6POS 1.25MM
51021-070051021-0700CONN HOUSING 7POS 1.25MM
51021-080051021-0800CONN HOUSING 8POS 1.25MM
51021-090051021-0900CONN HOUSING 9POS 1.25MM
51021-100051021-1000CONN HOUSING 10POS 1.25MM
51021-110051021-1100CONN HOUSING 11POS 1.25MM
51021-120051021-1200CONN HOUSING 12POS 1.25MM
51021-130051021-1300CONN HOUSING 13POS 1.25MM
51021-140051021-1400CONN HOUSING 14POS 1.25MM
51021-150051021-1500CONN HOUSING 15POS 1.25MM
51022-020051022-0200CONN HOUSING 2POS 1.25MM
51022-030051022-0300CONN HOUSING 3POS 1.25MM
51022-040051022-0400CONN HOUSING 4POS 1.25MM
51022-050051022-0500CONN HOUSING 5POS 1.25MM
51022-060051022-0600CONN HOUSING 6POS 1.25MM
51022-070051022-0700CONN HOUSING 7POS 1.25MM
51022-080051022-0800CONN HOUSING 8POS 1.25MM
51022-090051022-0900CONN HOUSING 9POS 1.25MM
51022-100051022-1000CONN HOUSING 10POS 1.25MM
51022-110051022-1100CONN HOUSING 11POS 1.25MM
51022-120051022-1200CONN HOUSING 12POS 1.25MM
51022-130051022-1300CONN HOUSING 13POS 1.25MM
51022-140051022-1400CONN HOUSING 14POS 1.25MM
51022-150051022-1500CONN HOUSING 15POS 1.25MM
51047-030051047-0300CONN PLUG 3POS 1.25MM
51065-020051065-0200CONN RCPT HOUSING 2POS 2MM NATL
51065-030051065-0300CONN RCPT HOUSING 3POS 2MM NATL
51065-040051065-0400CONN RCPT HOUSING 4POS 2MM NATL
51065-050051065-0500CONN RCPT HOUSING 5POS 2MM NATL
51065-060051065-0600CONN RCPT HOUSING 6POS 2MM NATL
51065-070051065-0700CONN HOUSING 7POS 2MM
51065-080051065-0800CONN HOUSING 8POS 2MM
51065-090051065-0900CONN HOUSING 9POS 2MM
51065-100051065-1000CONN HOUSING 10POS 2MM
51065-110051065-1100CONN HOUSING 11POS 2MM
51065-120051065-1200CONN HOUSING 12POS 2MM
51065-130051065-1300CONN HOUSING 13POS 2MM
51065-140051065-1400CONN HOUSING 14POS 2MM
51065-150051065-1500CONN HOUSING 15POS 2MM
51089-100551089-1005CONN HOUSING CRIMP 10POS 2MM
51089-120551089-1205CONN HOUSING CRIMP 12POS 2MM
51089-140551089-1405CONN HOUSING CRIMP 14POS 2MM
51089-160551089-1605CONN HOUSING CRIMP 16POS 2MM
51089-180551089-1805CONN HOUSING CRIMP 18POS 2MM
51089-200551089-2005CONN HOUSING CRIMP 20POS 2MM
51089-220551089-2205CONN HOUSING CRIMP 22POS 2MM
51089-240551089-2405CONN HOUSING CRIMP 24POS 2MM
51089-260551089-2605CONN HOUSING CRIMP 26POS 2MM
51089-280551089-2805CONN HOUSING CRIMP 28POS 2MM
51089-300551089-3005CONN HOUSING CRIMP 30POS 2MM
51089-340551089-3405CONN HOUSING CRIMP 34POS 2MM
51089-400551089-4005CONN HOUSING CRIMP 40POS 2MM
51089-500551089-5005CONN HOUSING CRIMP 50POS 2MM
51089-600551089-6005CONN HOUSING CRIMP 60POS 2MM
51090-020051090-0200CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 2POS SINGLE
51090-030051090-0300CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 3POS SINGLE
51090-040051090-0400CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 4POS SINGLE
51090-050051090-0500CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 5POS SINGLE
51090-060051090-0600CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 6POS SINGLE
51090-070051090-0700CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 7POS SINGLE
51090-080051090-0800CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 8POS SINGLE
51090-090051090-0900CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 9POS SINGLE
51090-100051090-1000CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 10POS SINGLE
51090-110051090-1100CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 11POS SINGLE
51090-120051090-1200CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 12POS SINGLE
51090-130051090-1300CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 13POS SINGLE
51090-140051090-1400CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 14POS SINGLE
51090-150051090-1500CONN RCPT HSNG 2MM 15POS SINGLE
51110-045051110-0450CONN HOUSING 2MM 4POS
51110-046051110-0460CONN HOUSING 2MM 4POS POLARIZED
51110-065051110-0650CONN HOUSING 2MM 6POS
51110-066051110-0660CONN HOUSING 2MM 6POS POLARIZED
51110-085051110-0850CONN HOUSING 2MM 8POS
51110-085151110-0851CONN HOUSING 2MM 8POS POLARIZED
51110-105051110-1050CONN HOUSING 2MM 10POS
51110-105151110-1051CONN HOUSING 2MM 10POS POLARIZED
51110-125051110-1250CONN HOUSING 2MM 12POS
51110-125151110-1251CONN HOUSING 2MM 12POS POLARIZED
51110-145051110-1450CONN HOUSING 2MM 14POS
51110-145151110-1451CONN HOUSING 2MM 14POS POLARIZED
51110-165051110-1650CONN HOUSING 2MM 16POS
51110-165151110-1651CONN HOUSING 2MM 16POS POLARIZED
51110-185051110-1850CONN HOUSING 2MM 18POS
51110-185151110-1851CONN HOUSING 2MM 18POS POLARIZED

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